“Just A Shadow” is now available on all streaming platforms. We’re very exited to finally release this baby of ours.

Just a Shadow compiles six songs recorded over a period of four years. After two years of maturation, we’ve finally succeeded in releasing these gems. Each song represents a journey, sometimes to an imaginary happy place, at other times to the darkest corners within. Join us on a trippy quest searching for the source of light casting the shadows surrounding us.

If you want to support us you can get the album on Bandcamp.

NEW Video out “ZOLKIN”

Here it is. Our second videorelease “Zolkin” of our upcoming album “Just A Shadow”. Zolkin draws it’s inspiration from the old Mayan star signs and is dedicated to every single band member.

Dany is the white crystal dog. Notch the blue cosmic monkey. Markus the yellow cosmic sun and Johnny the red spectral dragon.

Lean back and enjoy this ten minute jam which was recorded in the outskirts of Berlin.

New Video “One last drink” Out now!

After three years of releasing nothing, we’re very thrilled to release a new single from our new Album “Just A Shadow”. The Video was shot in the bar our singer Fan Tasma is barkeeping in. Beside the video, the song is heavily inspired by that Bar “Macke Prinz”, which is located in the center of Berlin.

The song is meant to be sung along in a drunk night with your friends. So grab your beverage of choice and have a listen!

Sidelines#1 out now!!!

28th of January 2020

Our new EP Sidelines#1 is streamable on all streaming platforms.

For all of you who who’d like to support the band, you can get the whole EP on Bandcamp for 5 bucks. Every purchase is highly appreciated!

Sidelines is a format of releases containing live recordings, snippets, oddities and studio recordings that didn’t make it on an “album”. Since we don’t want to leave this music to rot and collect dust on our hard drives, we came up with the idea of Sidelines.

The first edition Sidelines #1 compiles live recordings and studio performances that were created from 2017 – 2019. 2017 marks the year “The Wizard” Markus Dassau joined the band on drums. In 2019, Johnny “The Pinch” Fisher entered the Blue Cosmic universe contributing with trumpet and rap vocals.

What are you waiting for, have a listen!

2019 Blue Cosmic - Sidelines Artwork 1811- collage mitte- edel -zentrierte schrift-100


3rd of december .19

After a long period of no new music, we’re happy to announce the release of our new EP SIDELINES#1 on the 20th of december.

It contains material recorded over the past two years, that are not gonna be part of our upcoming record, to be released next year. You’ll find it on all streaming platforms.

If you want to support us you can download the EP on bandcamp and receive an extra song.

2019 Blue Cosmic - Sidelines Artwork 1811- collage  mitte- edel -zentrierte schrift-100.jpg